Big Brook Arboretum, Pemberton & the tall Karri & Tingle trees

The view from the front of the car as we drive through the forest trails - just gorgeous
The Gloucester Tree
We stayed at the camp grounds at Big Brook Arboretum just outside Pemberton in amongst many trees. From here we were able to visit the tall Karri trees. A drive through the forest trails is a beaut way to see the beauty of the area. We also visited the Gloucester Tree and the Bicentennial Tree, both of which one can climb. I did climb a bit of the Gloucester Tree just enough to get a photo. At least with the Gloucester Tree you climb almost upright. I didn't get far with the Bicentennial Tree – the gaps between the rungs are too wide and forward so you have to climb leaning forward and using your hands. It leaves you in a position where you are looking down constantly and it feels like you are going to fall through the rungs, and I don't generally get too scared of heights, so imagine how it would be for some people who do!
the lovely gentle Cascades
The mouth of a sucking lamprey fish - the middle is like a borer - urgh!

We also visited the Circular Pools, the Warren River and the Cascades which were still running even though it is quite low at present. This is one of the breeding places for the lamprey fish which is a sucking fish that bores and devours the flesh of other bigger fish... is this Australia’s answer to the piranhas??? We could see the baby lamprey fish but no way am I going in these waters....Scary!

The quiet reflections in the Warren River - can you see the dinosaur head?

The Western Rosella

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