Wild flowers and some drama

After leaving Geraldton, we free camped right alongside a seaweed covered beach at Cliff Head North where there were a million flies per person. It was so bad that no one wanted to sit outside until Happy Hour and even then it was a battle with the flies though thankfully with the cooling temperatures they mostly disappeared.

The next stop was the Western Flora Park near Eneabba which is owned by an amateur botanist and his guided wildflower walk came highly recommended. However we were unlucky in our timing as there was a bushfire burning nearby to which our guide was fire fighting and thus unavailable for the guided walk. So instead I went off and walked myself. At first, I thought there wasn’t much there but when I really looked there were heaps and I took 2 hours walking and taking photos. So if you aren’t interested in flowers, then you had better skip to the end to find out about our mini drama. The wildflower photos are mostly from the Western Flora Campsite. I tried not to give you too many wildflower photos but it is so hard to leave some out...yet I did leave out many!

The wild man amongst the wildflowers


And our little drama???

Packing up to leave we noticed we had a bad burning smell. As there was a bush fire burning nearby and roads were closed off around us, it took a while to find the source which was inside the Robbiebago. A light wire near the fans cooling the fridge was burning almost to the point of catching alight. Thankfully it happened whilst we were still stationary and inside the van so that we were able to notice the burning smell – it could have just as easily happened whilst we were driving and thus gone un-noticed until there were flames. Bob isolated the current and removed the wire to be replaced at the next place with a larger wire and a smaller fuse put in place to prevent it happening again.

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