Meekatharra Festival (Part 2) The Rodeo

On the Sunday we attended church which 3 members of the Covenant Players were playing a major portion of the service. These are talented actors creating scenarios without props etc and making it seem very real. After coffee at the church, and then lunch, we left for the rodeo.

I will just let the photos tell the story.

This is my first time at a rodeo and I was thrilled with the actuality. The weather has really warmed up the last few days to the point of it being hot now. We had a great spot sitting in the shade of a truck with a beach umbrella for additional shade. I took hundreds of photos. Cowboys (& some cowgirls) on horses bareback and in the saddle, riding bucking horse or bulls, whip cracking, lassoing calves, falling, prancing and dust galore. It was all part of the whole experience and one terrific afternoon. I loved it dust and all! Actually now that I think of it, there weren’t any flies, so that is great too!

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