Visiting friends out past Meekatharra

One of the lovely sunsets at mt Seabrook
Cue Police Station
Rocky landscape around Mt Seabrook
We travelled to Meeka via a brief stop in Geraldton (more on Gero later) and passed through the beautiful little town of Cue with the wonderfully restored Police Station, with an overnight stop at Mt Magnet. We then passed right through Meeka on our way to visit our very good friends Erik & Ellen. It was so good to catch up with them again. They are Mine Managers some 160km way past Meeka on a dry dusty road. We spent just under 2 weeks with them with a couple of outings out, including a day trip into town (Meeka) and a day traipsing around sadly abandoned station, as well as a interesting 4WD trip for a picnic lunch away from the mine. For the first week and half the weather is much cooler than I expected. In and amongst crafting and fellowship time we helped them where we could with meals, gardening, pulling out dead saplings etc. I don’t think I have seen such dramatic colouring in a dawn before as what I saw at the mine! Rob had some ‘playtime’ operating this huge loader at the mine. (I reckon it is more like playing with boy’s toys) Erik & Bob also took some time out to test out the Bog Assist on a nearby sand creek bed. It got them out of a bog when they deliberately got themselves bogged. (More play time for the boys!)

Old truck found on the abandoned station

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