Free camping at the historic river town of Echuca

We rocked up to the Rotary Park on the Campaspe River in Echuca just before the hot winds came. It’s sad as it is so dry and dusty everywhere for hundreds of kilometres even along the river. The whole region needs a good steady down pour of gentle rains that can soak in rather than flood or famine which seems to be more the norm these last 10 or so years.

The Campaspe River runs alongside the free camp at Rotary Park
We had visited Echuca late in 2014 but just as day visitors and we went to a few of the museums in the town. We covered these in this earlier post of our visit there.

One of the other campers were flying a kite up near the horse paddocks

We are starting to notice that Autumn has arrived at last. It was a cool to cold night but the days are absolutely lovely, reaching a comfortably warm 25 or so which is just perfect in my book.

Echuca was an important river port town in it's heyday with paddle steamers plying their trade up and down the river. It was also a major crossing point for transport over the border into NSW esp for stock.

Paddle wheelers still go up and down the Murray River

We enjoyed a walk along the esplanade at the historic Port Echuca. I love seeing the old time crafts and machinery.

Old style sits alongside more modern style woodworks
Old steam engine

I was also beguiled once again by the mini port barrels (fortified wine variety). I wanted one the last time we were here and I still yearn for one but my blasted practical financial sensibility just couldn't justify spending that much money for a barrel. It's one of those things that to me makes for a terrific birthday present: something you really want but for whatever reason you wont or dont buy it for yourself.

Port barrels available right on the wharf at St Anne's Wine Cellar.

On a previous visit we had chips in the lovely park adorning the port. This time we visited a award winning fish and chip place for our light meal but we were sadly disappointed with our fare. Don't get me wrong, it was OK, ordinary even certainly nothing spectacular. Sometimes it is better not to have any expectations and then be surprised when it is fabulous, no matter whether we are talking about food, experiences or even people.

A panoramic shot of the Murray River (dble click to enlarge)
Click on any of the photos to enlarge the images if you're interested esp the last one - the panoramic photo.


  1. Camping by the Murray River is a wonderful thing to do. I have no idea why we ever leave there and come home. Our place to go is on the south bank about 6 kms out of town in a Regional Recreation Park. No fees of course. The area is peaceful, beautiful in the Australian way, fellow campers are not close and the nights are glorious. Reflecting on the flow of the timeless river is therapeutic to the soul. Enjoy.

    1. Camping by the river is usually very peaceful. What region or nearby town do you prefer?

  2. Really....anywhere along the Murray is most suitable. We have stayed by the Murray twice near Echua and once at Nyah. Right on the bank with a gorgeous fire at night. If you are selling the Murray to your correspondents, anywhere is a great place to be. No one goes home disappointed wanting their money back.


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