We just love taking time out to visit friends and family on the way and so we just had to pop by Rob's cousin, Peter and see if he was free for a visit. We had misplaced his phone number and so we couldn't warn him of our intended invasion. As usual, he was very welcoming and we were soon invited to park our motorhome up on his driveway to stay a few nights and extend our time together.

Making ourselves at home in Nowra
On Sunday we enjoyed fellowship at Nowra Anglican Church after listening to Geoff preach there. He is a friend and minister whom we knew back at Figtree Anglican when he served there.

Nowra Anglican Church

Pete went off on a pre-arranged bike ride with his friend, whereas Rob & I enjoyed a quiet afternoon, before cooking Bamie as a return thanks for Saturday night's scrumptious baked lamb dinner. You can find the recipe here!

Bamie is a noodle & mince dish  similar to Nasi Goreng

Monday sees us all heading on our individual ways. We are off further south to Bodalla next!

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