Mother of Ducks Lagoon Free Camp

Just short of 70 km down the road from Glenn Innes is this free camp spot at Guyra alongside the Mother of Ducks Lagoon. The name is intriguing with the promise of lots of bird life.

The free camp site is on a grassy section between the road and the actual lagoon with a brick toilet block. It is within walking distance of town. There are a few other vehicles but since it is so wet we are all staying snug inside our vehicles to keep warm and dry. Maybe tomorrow we'll see more life in the place if it clears up a bit. We only planned on staying overnight (only allowed 1 night).

We took the car and went for a look around town and in search of some food as it was too late and I am too tired to cook. We found a lovely friendly fish and chip joint open which we really enjoyed.

Due to the heavy wet weather, we didn't get to explore the lagoon itself, but here is the info I have garnered: The Mother of Ducks Lagoon is freshwater and 14k in circumference, a marshy wetland in a silted volcanic crater. It is Natural Heritage Registered Reserve because it attracts many species of various migratory birds who come to nest here. About a 300mtr walk from the campsite the is a viewing platform and hide from where one can get some photos when the weather is conducive to that.

Guyra, itself is a tiny town with a population of 2100 and consists of a short and narrow main street, two pubs,a few old buildings and something like 6 Churches! It is 37k Nth of Armidale on the New England Hwy at an altitude of 1330m thus making it the highest Town on the New England Range. It is in the midst of a "Pastoral District (500,000 sheep and 100,00 cattle) with a past Tin mining history and with a Temperate Climate of Summer Temperatures 11 - 23c and Winter 1 - 11c is also ideal for Horticulture. A 20 Hectare Glasshouse that produces 72 million Tomatoes pa is nearby and is a major source of employment for the area." just quoted from the local rag.

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