Toowoomba: the city of flowers

We have friends in Toowoomba, though we don't keep in touch alot with them, we do know that we can pick up the threads from the last time and weave a little more of the tapestry of life together each time we see one of them. This time, we stayed in the driveway of long time friends, Leo and Alice. We met up recently with Leo and Alice briefly when we were all at the Bathurst CMCA Rally back in July this year and they kindly invited us to stay with them when we came through.

It was a lovely coincidence that we were in Toowoomba at the tail end of the Festival of Flowers. The organizers must have been wrought with concern with all the most unseasonably wet weather. We delayed visiting the gardens until a dryer period since we were staying a week and had the time. The whole city is filled with flowers but certainly the main gardens are spectacular. In my opinion I think it beats Canberra's Floriade by an artistic mile. In fact we loved the gardens so much and took so many photos that I will dedicate one post just to the flower festival.

Rob is loving the variety of flowers esp the tulips.

We filled some of the time visiting the Cobb & Co Museum and a drive to the privately funded Wellcamp Airport. Rob and Leo know the family that built this forward thinking public airport.

I didn't get my own photo, but this plane is truly up inside the airport terminal!

Dump Point Grumbles

On arrival before we rocked up to our friends, it was time to empty our black water tank. We had tried to use the one at Calbutra and found that it was unsuitable as it was 3 ft high. We need to use gravity to empty the tank. We have since been advised that it can be accessed lower, but you couldn't tell by driving up to it, hence we drove on past it.

So we had to use the dump point here at the Toowoomba showground and found that it was rather difficult to access. It has a 1 metre fence all around it. We couldn't park close enough to use it easily. For the first time ever, we had to use our extension hose, which I doubt many motorhomes would have.I reckon that the councils and waste water boards should seek CMCA advice before adding such services to make it as practical as possible. We've also been to ones where you have to reverse in to use it which would be very difficult for some RVs and caravans. A bit of forethought and planning would make a dump so much easier.

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