Under the dashboard

When we redesigned the dashboard, it gave us the opportunity to create custom storage areas under the dashboard, in and around various things.

Some of the stuff we'd rarely need to get to such as the electrics for the headlights. However we still need to be able to access it occasionally. So we had to consider designs that enable us to remove a wall or create some other sort access or door to still get at these areas if and when needed sometime in the future.

We have installed open shelving that slopes back and down gently and the big round 'disk' is an access hole which we are considering inserting a radio or such sometime in the future. Already we have installed a reversing camera/GPS  on the top of the clutch cover.

Front area includes some shelving that slopes down and back gently!

I just love storage and cubby holes - the more the better in my opinion. Some we don't know what we will do with it until we actually get the motorhome on the road but I am sure I will find a use for each and every spot Rob can  create for me.

If you look at the extreme left on the top photo you can see what appears to be a flat area or maybe you thought it was a step. but actually it is a lid for the box housing the 3,000 watt inverter. We did take up a narrow part of the wide steps for this. There is a opening at the front for air circulation. The lid will allow Rob to access the inverter if it needs tweaking or whatever.

The inverter being placed before being encased!
I have also jazzed up some of the vintage magazine racks and have yet to decide if we can fit one of these here too! Maybe under the grab handle.  The others I will be scattering them around the motorhome.


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  2. Storage is very important in an RV because of the limited space you have. What you have done with the dash is neat and practicle.
    Did Rob consider mounting the Inverter in one of the lower storage compartments because keeping the stair opening clear is important. If you ever need to change out something like a chair or mattress the Inverter could be in the way. Making certain to give plenty of cool air to the Inverter will also affect its life expectancy. Another advantage of mounting it in a lower bay is not having to listen to it go through its cooling cycle and the heat coming from it will help to warm the plumbing during the colder nights and not warm the inside cabin.
    Be Safe and Enjoy!

    It's about time.


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