Recycling the Vintage Magazine Racks

We hope to be hitting the road in the Robbiebago motorhome for our first trial run within weeks. It has been a long hard struggle with many suppliers and trades people not meeting their own time frames but we will get there eventually.

Meanwhile, Rob & I can still find things to do. One of my projects was to take the old vintage magazine racks that were on the backs of the chairs of the bus and recover them.

I have done 8 of them so far. I recovered the top part with various coordinating upholstery fabrics that fit within my colour scheme of green and burgundy. (Rob would be horrified if I went with pink!)

I played around with dyeing the netting but decided to leave them the original burgundy colour but I had to recover the faded velvet top.

The original magazine racks with the cup holders above.

These will be scattered throughout the motorhome. Here is one of them up in the motorhome under the dash near the front door.

I love to recycle things when I can. Everyone needs a stylish magazine rack, am I right?  I still have maybe a dozen left over. I am wondering if I can use them somewhere else. Maybe I will list them for sale on Ebay when we come back from our trip if I haven't thought of anything else.

So what do you think of my 'new' retro magazine racks now?


  1. You did a great job of recycling the magazine racks but think outside the box. You can use them to hold toiletries in the washroom or clothes in the closets or even to hold the little things that hide from Rob down in the storage bays.
    Be Safe and Enjoy!

    It's about time.

    1. There are some great suggestions here. Thanks!

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