Slide out addendum

The earlier slide out post, mentioned that we installed 2 slide out boxes into the framework of the bus. The slide outs, which are run by a 12 volt 500 - one gear box, all inclusive with the uprights, we imported direct from America.

The back [bed] slide out under construction

In the 2 previous caravans we owned, Rob designed and built the slide outs himself. The first one had a 2.1 metre slide out making it a fantastic L shaped room inside but much more difficult to pull out when ground is uneven. The second caravan had two 450mm slide outs that were opposite each other - one housing a regular household 3 seater recliner lounge and the other housing the dining table with swivel chairs. Being opposite each other, this created a lovely size living area which was almost perfect. Oh those proper chairs & lounge make such a huge difference when you are on the road for months at a time.

The first caravan with the 2.1 metre slide out

The 2nd caravan with one of the 450mm slideouts open

On this bus conversion Rob wanted this newer system that he had seen on imported caravans as it takes up less room and it is much more convenient and quite a rigid system. It is a better system that any he could make himself. It is also electric driven on 12 volts. it took ages to find the manufacturer and then to talk them into letting us buy one from them, let alone importing it into Australia which was relatively easy in the end.

Closeup of Slide out mechanism sliding

Closeup of Slide out mechanism cog

The system we have now goes out 700mm. We have one for a 2 seater lounge to sit in and one over the rear mounted engine for the bed extension. It does make the bed very high but with steps up the sides and well as additional storage space under the bed which we can lift up, we get to utilize every bit of storage space as possible (even under the steps too!)

You can see the newest slide out mechanism on the lounge 'box'

The lounge slide out inserted before the aluminium skin on it.

Rob decided to post install a couple of extra windows into the lounge slide out to increase the visibility out as well as increase the amount of light coming into the motorhome. I did not want any windows in the bedroom slide out as I am one of those people who wake up with the dawn and I would like to try to trick myself that it is still too early and thus sleep in a little longer when traveling.

2 additional smaller windows were added later to the lounge slide out

Feel free to ask any questions in the comments below if it is not covered here or in the previous slide out posts.

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