Bus Conversion: A personal apology

After being diagnosed with cancer, I have been reassessing many areas of my life as is quite common with life threatening issues. One of the areas I dropped for the time being was keeping up with the bus conversion on this blog. I was mentally able to jot a few words and insert a photo most weeks on our Facebook page, but sadly I just didn't have it in me to write up much here.

The bus as it was in Nov 2012 when we brought it home

So over the next month or so I will slowly bring you up to date as Rob has made a lot of progress with the bus conversion. There are so many areas to bring you up to date on: The hot water service has been designed by Rob and installed. Windows were added to one of the slideouts, a diesel heater had been installed, a new dashboard has been built and various shelving and cupboards are done, etc.

Same profile but as it is now.
The Robbiebago II has been officially passed as a motorhome now and is fully registered and insured, though there are still quite a few jobs yet to be done before we take it out on its maiden voyage.

Cancer update:

My cancer has been surgically removed (2 operations plus a little one months later for a biopsy). I wrote more about my cancer, on my life and craft blog: Inkspirational Designs.The cancer/operations have left me very fatigued and the wound is still healing. It has also affected me deeply on a personal level as it made it clear that most of my friends were 'fair weather' friends and disappeared off the scene. This was very hurtful however life goes on and I have started to implement changes and make new friends.

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