Winton and Waltzing Matilda

We stopped overnight at the Matilda Caravan Park in Winton. It used to win awards apparently, but that must have been some time ago. The only thing to recommend Matilda Caravan Park is that every tourist season (winter) there is a nightly free show put on by 2 very talented bush poets: Mel and Susie. They travel and do shows around the country during Summer and I can highly recommend these 2 ladies to you. The poetry is very clever and enacted and easy to understand. Some singing is incorporated along with good fun clean jokes. I am not a poetry lover and neither Bob nor I feel that it was the slightest bit boring!

Catching the Sheep

Winton also has the distinction of being the place where Waltzing Matilda was written. There is a local history museum attached to the Information Centre which we declined to go. However outside there is a marvellous and clever concrete sculpture interpretation of Waltzing Matilda.


Before leaving Winton we decided to play string & percussion music on the Musical Fence.

The little drummer boy!

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