Chinaman's Creek and Cloncurry

We had intended to stay at the Walkabout Hotel, the pub made famous in the Crocodile Dundee movies, but they were closed for renovations. A silly time of the year as far as we can see when the tourist season is just getting started, but then who knows maybe they couldn’t get tradespeople at a different time of the year. 

Along with Sandi & Noel, we ended up going to Fullerton River Campsite (370 in the Camps 6 book).  To us it is just a road side campsite, nice enough with decent toilets and a picnic table, but we didn’t see any river, but then again we were too tired to go walking to discover the area. This camp is also used by trucks, thankfully we didn’t have any refrigerated ones stop overnight whilst we were there.

Chinaman's Creek/Dam

We left reasonably early the next morning for Cloncurry where we stopped for morning tea with Sandi & Noel at a nice little cafe on the main street. There is a Woolies here which surprised me.
We stopped for lunch at Fountain Springs Rest (310)  area after discovering that Corella Dam (309) was closed. Again there was no easy sighting or sign of the Spring. Fountain Springs is not a nice place as it is very noisy with frequent traffic noise being so close to Mt Isa.

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