Crafts on the road

 An Explosion Box

Yoo Hoo I am back!

Not only did I have the 'flu for a whole month, our eldest daughter had to borrow our laptop with all the trip photos on it as JetStar were foolish enough to move her cabin luggage further back out of her sight and hence gave the opportunity for it to be stolen along with all her stuff and they wont pay more than $150 compensation. Grrr bad dog - JetStar. Enough of the whinge.

New online craft shop

So along with everything including setting up my very own online craft shop, see my blog Inkspirational Designs for more info, I have been procrastinating finishing these entries. It is hard to garner enthusiasm to write after the event, no matter how terrific the events least it is for me. However I made a commitment and I intend to follow it through!

So let's move on!
And just 'cause I hate to have a blog entry with no picture, here is a lovely one of one of my fabulously popular Explosion Boxes that are in my online craft shop! Click on the photo to go straight to the shop! This design might not be there anymore but there are many more to choose from or I can custom make one for you.

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