I reckon Parham is one of the secret hidden pleasures of SA. It is within a short hopping from Adelaide. It is right on the coast in a tiny small village that truly unspoilt. The people are very friendly and the campspot is FREE. You are encouraged to go to the social club around the corner which offers basic club fares and we can recommend it. We liked to sit out in the 'beer' garden. It was a bit quieter, easier for the kids to run around and we had a couple who were smokers!
In fact we were so taken with this place we decided to stay an entra night.
The tide here goes out (& in) a long way and boy it comes in fast something like 10m in 30seconds... actually I can't remember now of the problems of writing this a long time after the holidays have concluded. Another thing is the seaweed bed is very thick and this prompts some unusual boat craft!

This is the only photo we have of our time in Parham and we didn't have the camera working when this amphibious vehicle was coming out of the water. Sorry!

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