The Adventure continues

Well here we are back in Western Australia at last after a 3 months break. We loved it so much that we couldn’t just leave & rush home for Bob’s big 60 and Christmas soon after, so we left the Robbiebago in Perth at some very hospitable people (thanks Donna & Colin), we borrowed a couple of suitcases, (thanks Nikki & Alison) and flew home so that we could come back in February and continue on with our journey. And so here we are again. We took 3 days to check everything out and attend church just one more time and to thank our marvellous hosts.

We attended a fantastic fireworks show celebrating the Chinese New Year. We forgot to take a camera with us and so we took some wonderful photos with Bob's new phhone, but I can't figure out how to down load the photos... oh well another learning curve coming up.

2 days later we took to the road and moved just 50km south to meet and stay with another family, John and Patricia, who have graciously allowed us to camp on their property. I have met some large families but this is the largest, they have 11 truly delightful kids who are still all living at home. We met them all except the eldest who is a nurse, at a BBQ dinner they invited us to last night along with another couple who are also camping on their property. We plan to stay here for a week and attend church with them on Sunday before moving on. We have a job lined up at a campsite for MMM (Mobile Maintenance Ministry) for next week!

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