Back Home (for just a little while )

Now we are back home for a couple of months. We flew home just in time for Bob’s 60th birthday party. What a terrific turn out it was with many friends and family coming to help us celebrate.

Having been absent from many meetings etc, we are not swamped with lots of pre-Christmas parties and such and that was very nice not to be frazzled. I had time to finish all my Christmas cards which I had started back in Perth and most of the gift shopping was done without duress. (Those that know me know that I do not like shopping unless it involves crafts).
Oh it is so good to be home but now that Christmas is over I am hankering for the simple life of caravanning. So here’s to the new year and hanging out with friends and family over the next few weeks before we head back to the Robbiebago and continue with the adventures God has in store for us.
I really like one of the quote I saw back in a Perth mall: it is a great reminder not to waste time in the new year.

No minute gone ever comes back again. Take heed and see ye nothing do in vain.

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