1 mile wharf at Carnarvon
We left super early the next morning at 6.15am for the 170km trip to Carnarvon so that we could attend church there. (It is one of the few times Bob has seen the dawn on this trip!) We arrived and quickly found the Church of Christ. We had a good 45 minutes spare to relax and have a cuppa before church started. We met 2 Aboriginals there as well as James & his wife. James is the Principal of the Carnarvon Christian School. One of his daughters goes to SMBC (Same college as our daughter Camille). He invited us to come and look at the school after 3pm on Monday. After lunch and a bit of a lounge around we decided to hop on the bikes and go for a ride around the bay and town which was less than 1km away. Being Father’s Day we eagerly awaited the anticipated calls from the kids.

Our friend, Richard “Dad”, rang just for the fun of it and started the conversation with “Son, this is your father calling”. It set the tone for a fun conversation. Basically Richard called to let us know their plans to meet us in Perth have changed yet again. We also received the call from our friend, Erik, recovering from an operation on his arm, encouraging us to come sooner if at all possible. The next day we had a sleep-in and thus a late start to go sight seeing upto Point Quobba and the nearby blowholes which are smaller, shoot higher in calmer weather and are totally different to Kiama Blowholes.
Quobba Blowholes

all 4 holes blowing at once!
We saw a whale off in the middle distance and his flute for a good time as he travelled up the coast towards Ningaloo or further. Off we go further up the coast to Quobba Station. They take campers too almost right on the beach. Soon it is time to head back to town. We noticed that since there are no trees in the area, the birds had nests at the top of the power poles. Bob reckons he saw at least 25 bird’s nests up on the poles. Some poles even had old wheel rims attached to the side of the poles below the wires for the birds to nest in. We stopped at a road side fruit & vege farm for fresh produce. We had a short rest before heading off to the school to meet up with James at his school. The school has been blessed by God abundantly. We thoroughly enjoyed our time with James.

quabba coast lighthouse
 From here we were due to meet up with another BCA supporter couple, Joan & Michael, but first we took a quick trip to see the 1 mile jetty which is only 3 km past the school. Lo & behold we see a Stuart’s Coach there and knew the driver, Kevin, back from our days working with Crossroads, more than 15 years ago. Bob & Kevin recognized each other immediately. (This was helped by Bob having grown his beard again whilst on holidays). Finally we went on to meet Joan & Michael.  They are the ones who started up Christ for Campers (which is a breakfast & fellowship/God spot done in the caravan parks in various locations as many southerners travel north for the winter and spend 3-6 months often in the one or 2 places and are quite bored /aimless). We had such a great time listening and talking to them that they kindly invited us to stay for dinner and we ended up staying with them for 5 and half hours before we left them alone. I hope we didn’t out stay our welcome as I will love to keep in touch with these wonderful people.

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