Cape Range National Park and adjacent Ningaloo Reef

The 1904 wreck off the point near Exmouth
Winter is popping its head in. Mornings are cold & chilly usually between 12 and 15 degrees. The temperature is bad enough but the wind is strong. It has been that way since the afternoon we arrived here at Cape Range National Park just near Exmouth. It is a lovely spot as far as the beaches go. It is adjacent to Ningaloo Marine Park which as coral reefs close enough for you to snorkel along. Unfortunately we don’t have our snorkels with us. (We have asked around and found that there are more snorkelling areas south of Perth so when we go back home in November, we will bring it back with us.) These are the nicest beaches we have seen since we have left the east coast. The fishing is supposed to be good just north of here where it is allowed but we are not fishermen. I am not even sure how to tie a hook on let alone throw out a line or what bait to use. I certainly won’t gut a fish – I probably wouldn’t do that properly either since I have never done that before either.
The beach at Exmouth
We have met up with another couple, John & Kathy, back at Robe River (Barradale free camp) and have since camped together first at the lighthouse campground just outside of the Cape Range NP and now at Cape Range. We relaxed here with walks along the beaches, reading in the sand dunes, drives along the National Park and watching brave souls snorkelling. After three nights we parted ways and moved south stopping along the way at Pebble Beach which lives up to its name being only pebbles. Just south of Exmouth we couldn’t by pass the Fishermen’s co-op and we just had to buy 1.5kg of cooked fresh prawns. Yummy!
Lighthouse at Exmouth
Next we called into Coral Bay. The bay itself is nice though it is very much a caravan park town. I don’t think I saw one residence there at all 3 or 4 caravan parks line up next to each other facing the bay. The only grassed picnic area is insufficient and crowded as anything. We decided not to stop there but stopped on the side of the road just out of town to have our lunch in the van before moving off further south to a free camp site at Lyndon River where we met up with another couple in particular that gave us lots of recommendations of as they have travelled this area many times over the years.

This was John & Barb's church???

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