Christian Fellowship & work so often go hand in hand

Still here in Alice Springs, once again we were to experience the fellowship and hospitality that is so common to Christians, the first was an invitation to dinner at Gill’s who is the Community worker here, there we also met Dr Joy Sandefur who is the Dean of Anglican students at Nungalinya College in Darwin which principally trains aborigines for ministry positions in their local communities. We started to do the work that the Ascension church here needed, mostly it is of building maintenance: painting, fixing door locks, erecting curtain tracks, replacing old guttering on one side of the church, fixing & installing a reticulating watering systems in the garden, pruning trees, mending fences, etc. Thankfully Richard and Julie (together with Richard’s sister Judy all the way from Wellington, NZ) arrived within a few days to gives us a much needed hand. It was great to have their company again. We had missed them since Coober Pedy. More fellowship dinners included a marvellous BBQ at Deb’s unique permanent site caravan home with this wonderful South African Ox tail casserole as an added bonus made by her friend, George. Another evening we invited Gill for dinner too, once we stopped asking her questions about her work in the community long enough to let her actually eat her dinner!

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