Age of Dinosaur meets Jurassic Park

Forget whatever you learn from the Jurassic Park movie, most of it is pure fiction and a terrific movie on its own but people and dinosaurs did not ever coexist. Also some of the dinosaurs mentioned are not even part of the Jurassic period. eg the Triceratops lived during the Cretaceous period not the Jurassic period.

So get real and get yourself off to the Australian Age of Dinosaur to learn the truth and while you are at it bring the kids and grand kids, they will have an absolute blast.

The road is now bitumen all the way and you turn off and are greeted with a short climb to the top of what the locals call a "Jump Up". Back home around Sydney we would call it a table top and another term is a mesa. Whatever you call it, it truly stands out and later you'll see what a fantastic idea it was to locate this museum on one. The views from the top are spectacular. I'd love to be here at sunset or dawn, but sadly that's only available to staff and volunteers.

Your first glimpse of the Age of Dinosaurs building shows you a modern angular building that is just as stark just as the landscape in which it sits which you can glimpse in the photo above.

Now if you are expecting a normal dry dusty museum, then you couldn't be further from the truth here.

The Australian Age of Dinosaur is home to the largest collection of Australian dinosaur fossils in the world and we have some very unique specimens here that are world exclusive. The Museum is split between different sections. 

We started with a tour of the Laboratory which includes the collection room and where they spend hours with the most delicate tools searching for bones and other matter. We also did a guided tour/video presentation of the dinosaurs named Banjo, Matilda and what makes them so unique and how they were discovered nearby.

After a short break in the Cretaceous Cafe which sadly we didn't appreciate the soggy pastry of our microwaved sausage roll. We soon were off on a people mover to see the magnificent Dinosaur Canyon. This is probably my favourite part. Where the sculptures and such bring the dinosaur period to life for me.


  1. Only in the Cartoons and movies did Man and Beast cohabitate. Scary to think what it must have been like in those times as they roamed the earth.
    Be Safe and Enjoy!

    It's about time.

  2. Just came across you blog. And just read about your bus conversion. Sure was and big task but looks wonderful and does the job nicely I am sure.
    What a fun place to visit and information on the dinosaurs


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