Family time at Bundaberg

Rob and I had a week spent in Bundaberg with family. There's nothing exciting really to report. We have been here many times and since this was principally to catch up with family and be of assistance to my brother in law as he recovers from hip surgery, we stayed home mostly.

I enjoy spending time with my niece. She's a gorgeous 7 year old. Though not actually shy, she is a quiet one who loves reading and watching the TV. She's happy playing outside once she gets it into her head that technology is off limits for a while. I had a go showing her how to make a tied fleecy blanket and she did about half the fringe with me. I think this may be the beginning of craft time together! Her bike skills and road sense needs working on so we frequently went around the neighbourhood with her riding and me walking. It was great to watch her interact at her school carnival. She did very well in her first race.

My niece and her blanket she helped make.

Oh well after about 10 days we were ready to move on (The best way to remain friends with family is not to stay too long in one go! LOL

We are travelling with a loose plan. We had already decided that we were not going to do a lot of travelling this winter. Just sticking within a smaller area closer to the coast with Gladstone as our northern most town with Biloela and Tara being as west as we planned. ie 550 x 300km sq or 340m x 190miles sq)

We enjoy winging it as we go. We have a general idea where to go but are more than willing to change course as we meet people and listen to what they have to recommend. We are quite happy with this loose planing and it has worked out exceptionally well this winter with some unexpected invitations thrown in. It has certainly has worked out well with no regrets.

The Robbiebago on the road through a forest

The Robbiebago motorhome has performed magnificently with no real dramas which we really appreciate.

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