Chillagoe to Herberton

During our week long stay with friends, Joan & Ernie at Atherton,  we took a day trip out to Chillagoe. (Joan and Ernie are the lovely people who kidnapped us years ago and we went back and volunteered to be kidnapped again LOL)

The drive from Atherton is some 150km of mostly sealed road with about 30km of it dirt road.  The drive is unspectacular but we enjoyed each other's company and the drive itself.

We had a pub lunch, then went along to the almost instinctive visit to the Info Centre where we were advised to visit the Balancing Rock and nearby Smelter works. We opted out of a visit to the Chillagoe Caves due to Rob's health.

Balancing Rock

The walk around Balancing Rook was lovely and relatively easy though there were a few steps which rob had to take easy. The views are wonderful.

Smelter Works

The smelters are a part of the local history from 1901 to 1943 at least, though there was some nearby mining of marble going on. There are lots of informative signs explaining the various parts of the operation.

We also decided that a different route back would be interesting. We took a route back to Herberton through some 70km of dirt road.

Lots of little anthills along the way.
 I loved the relatively new mural on the side of a shop in Herberton.

We have been to Herberton before and I can certainly recommend the Spy Camera Shop. Click on the link to read about it from our previous visit.

We were soon back home after this. It was all in all a lovely but full day's outing but so worth it.


  1. Once again you are definitely not letting any moss grow under your rig enjoying not only what nature has to offer but getting together with all your caravanning friends.
    Be Safe and Enjoy!

    It's about time.

  2. Interesting. What ore did they smelter here? xxx


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