Vegging out in Forth

Forth is a quaint little farming village that's just a hop, skip and jump from Devonport (11km) and 110 km north-west of Launceston, making it a fantastic spot for the first or last night on or off the Spirit of Tasmania.

The Forth River and bridge

The campsite is on the banks of the Forth River, just beside the bridge. The actual camping area is on the perimeter of the Forth Recreation Ground. This well appointed and shaded campsite has plenty of room to park a caravan or motorhome. There is a toilet there as part of the Recreation Grounds. It is within walking distance to a fuel station with a small selection of groceries and the local pub.

The Forth Pub

The first time we were there there were about 20 RVs and still it didn't seem crowded. The second time we stayed there, was just before we were to leave Tasmania. It was much busier the second time as there was a Blues music festival being held there on the weekend and a lot of early birds were there for a fun filled weekend. It was sort of a pity that we didn't know about it early on and that we had pre-booked our return trip to the mainland, but then again, we are not used to lots of loud noise even a lot of pleasant music might be more than we can handle now.

Whilst staying in Forth, we visited nearby Latrobe and the House of Anvers chocolate factory, which also has a fabulous history and museum of chocolate.

House of Anvers Chocolate Factory & Museum

We also visited Deloraine where there are some small sculptures in the main street that are perched on the top of 1 metre high posts (about 3ft). These small figures refer to some historical reference to the town.
Just one of the Deloraine Street Sculptures

We said goodbye to Tasmania and headed off to our final trip which was to empty all the wastes before lining up to embark on the Spirit Of Tasmania so as to head home quickly ready for Michelle's postponed operation.


  1. Thank you for sharing, Michelle! Everything looks amazing, especially the chocolate factory!!! Good luck with your upcoming surgery! Hugs, Darnell

    1. Thanks for popping by and I especially thank you for your good wishes for my health. I had complications that are being dealt with.


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