A short stay in Newcastle

After all the kafuffle getting out of Wollongong which were covered on our earlier posts here and here, we finally made it to Toronto (near Newcastle) more than a week later than originally planned. The purpose of this trip is really to check out the motorhome and make sure everything is working fine, which it was once that oil leak was sorted out!

We stayed in the driveway of Rob’s sister in Toronto to spend some time with her and use her place as a base for catching up with other friends nearby.

We spent the first day sightseeing around Newcastle. We especially loved the Hunter Wetlands, though not the mozzies! We were very fortunate to see not one but three Rare Freckled Ducks amongst all the other bird life there. A lovely day finished off perfectly in the company of wonderful friends near Morisset.

Rare Freckled Duck

On the second day we were escorted by Rob’s sister, Ingrid and we visited Fort Scratchley and were blessed to be there for the firing of the guns, since they had a few extra shots with a cruise in dock.

We can certainly recommend taking a guided tour of the Tunnels at the Fort. It was a 90 minute tour but never boring as the guide was very informative and interesting. Did you know that they actually did fire the guns at a Japanese submarine during WWII?

Fort Scratchley gun fired
 We took a short scenic trip on the way back after a leisurely & delightful lunch on the wharf.

Waiting for lunch on the Wharf

Unfortunately, this was all the time we could spare in Newcastle since our shakedown tour was delayed. We called in to the Manly area (Amberley) for 2 nights on the way home to catch up with one of our sons and a daughter who live nearby, since it would be close to 6 months before we see them all again.

With just a few days at home to complete the odd job and to repack for a longer trip, we were soon back on the road, this time to Melbourne via Deniliquin getting there in plenty of time to catch the ferry to Tasmania.


  1. Glad to see that all your careful planning is starting to come together. Enjoy all the beauty Mother Nature has to offer.
    Safe Travels.

    It's about time.

    1. Thank you. It sure gave us some challenges but yes we finally did it.

  2. Next time you travel to Newcastle head to Blackbutt for a walk and catch up on more we have to offer safe travels:-)

    1. Thanks for letting us know about Blackbutt. I haven't heard of beforehand. We will be back so maybe on our next trip to Newcastle!

  3. Thanks for the visit luv to see other people van mh bus
    Nini wayne

  4. Glad the shakedown trip went well, the MH looks great. Enjoy the next leg of your journey.

    1. Thanks. We are on our way to Tasmania for Summer. So we will really enjoy our time away on the beautiful island!

  5. Hi Robbie and Michelle
    Have been following your blog for about a couple of months.
    You have done a great job in a short amount of time.
    Had bought the same model bus a few months ago already fitted out.
    Will be doing a North QLD to WA trip and back again in about 2 months.
    Would like to correspond with you regarding mods to your bus.

    Kind Regards
    Brett and Diane

    1. We'd love to correspond with other bus conversion owners. You can contact us by email initially robbiebago@gmail.com


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