Where should we go in Tasmania?

Now that the motorhome is registered, we are planing on spending Summer on the delightful island of Tasmania. We had hoped to leave last year but with the bus conversion taking longer than expected esp things like the slide-outs taking over 10 months to be made and shipped from America, things just didnt go as planned. Then on top of all that, I  (Michelle) get a little crook only to be finally diagnosed with a rare head cancer. So then that throws everything totally up in the air.

Now the bus is now officially registered as a motorhome and I am starting to feel much better and the doctor is happy for me to continue with checkups with a colleague in Tasmania and thus we are  now able to start planing. Our daughter moved home early this year with the idea of house sitting while we were traveling. Thankfully she is still willing to stay here while we gallivant around Tassie.

The only way to get your RV over to Tasmania is on the Spirit of Tasmania. We have booked the ferry. We have booked the motorhome and the car as separate vehicles as we found this to be the cheaper option rather than take the car as a towed vehicle.

So  now this is where you guys come in! Where should we go? Thankfully our schedule is very loose and flexible/ We also are fortunate in that we  have 4 months before we need to come back to the mainland.

We are the type of people that make only a rough idea of a plan and then make decisions along the way. We are able to free camp extensively. Rob has been to Tassie before but it was well over 35 years ago. Whereas everything will be totally new to me. We want to go slow and enjoy the places we visit and the people we meet along the way.

Make sure you also list your favourite camp grounds especially any free camp spots since we are seld sufficent and all setup for free camping.

We need your advice!

So help us out please. There is with an incredible amount of choice for places to go.We love the natural side of life and generally tend to avoid spending a lot of time in cities, though there are some exceptions. We want to dig a little deeper and find the real Tasmania.

We love the quieter pursuits

  • national parks
  • beaches
  • waterfalls
  • easy bush walks
  • snorkeling
  • watching great sunsets
  • scenic drives
  • new experiences
  • great campsites
  • fabulous happy hours with other campers
I also have a hankering for the crafty side of life especially craft markets and fairs and Rob loves a good feed without the fancy price tags.

Places already on our radar

 Freycinet National Park 


Bruny Island


Liffey Falls in Deloraine


 Where else should we go and what activities should we definitely add to our list?


  1. I'm envious, hope you guys have a great time in Tazzie, will follow with interest.

    1. Yes, we are expecting to enjoy ourselves. It will be a double bonus after a hard year battling cancer!

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  3. Highlights for me in Tasmania were the Dove Lake Walk at Cradle Mountain National Park; the penguins at Bicheno; Port Arthur; and Wine Glass Bay at Freycinet National Park.

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