What is your idea of a perfect day?

Waking up in the piccaninny dawn just as the light is just starting to steal up over the bush, I love to grab a camera and walk as the sun comes up. I draw near to God in the relative quietness, seeing the bush come alive.

Saunders Beach

Eventually I make my way back to the caravan to enjoy a simple breakfast and a quiet read. My hubby’s ideal start to the day is to sleep in even though he knows he is missing this magical start to the morning.

When he finally awakes, we share a cuppa and occasionally a cooked breakfast of bacon and eggs. (It is now hours after my original breakfast of cereal and thus becomes my morning tea).

Our rig

Packing a light lunch and some water, we would then drive and/or gently trek to some lovely spot. Maybe a bit of snorkeling amongst the reef or rocks might be a part of the afternoon, or maybe it would be a date with a book sitting in the gentle breeze under the shade of the gum trees in a comfy chair.

Gregory Downs

Rob is much more social than I am and would wander amongst the other Rv'ers and meet some new people or reacquaint himself with a previously met fellow travellers.

Happy hour is always a delight as we meet and chat with other travellers, swapping yarns and favourite places to visit over a nice cold beer or glass of wine.

Happy Hour at a beach

After a delicious dinner cooked on an open fire, chatting with our neighbours would often continue into the evenings around the campfire.

As others finally wander off to bed, Rob and I would mosey on into our caravan and play a few games of cards before retiring for the night.

No wonder this RV life is the life I love: A perfect day without obligations and cares, just full of warmth, love and companionship. What better way is there to see our beautiful country?

There's only one big thing missing... our family... if we could have them with us, including all the kids, then we might miss some of the peace but we'd gain so much more! That's  why we can't live on the road full time... we need lots of our family times too!

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