The Bed Slideout

Things are going along nicely now that the slide-out mechanisms have arrived. As you would have seen earlier, Rob made the box like slideout pretty quickly. The steps at both sides of the bed were already completed but the frame for supporting the bed couldn't be completed until the slideout was in place and the actual bed base frame worked out completely.

The steps both sides of the bed were in place

However as is often the case, there was lots of fiddly bits that needed to continue to make the slide outs complete.  For example, Rob couldn't really get started on the bed base until the slideout was in. The hinge the air rams and the rollers all had to be not only positioned just right but there is no instruction book for how to put everything together and I am not talking about the slide out mechanism.

The steel bed frame
Rob fitted the bed frame into the rear slideout. He needs to be able to keep access the bus's motor available. Also we want to make the best use of every bit of space we can.

The bed needs to be hinged to access the storage underneath

So the bed is to be fitted with air rams to allow it to be hinged and lifted. Of course lifting a sliding bed comes with its own challenges. The hinge has to be deep into the slideout but the air rams need to be able to move with the bed

Closer detail of the air rams

The teflon rollers of the slideout

They needed to be wired up. They needed insulating and then lined.

By the way if you want to know more about the slideout installation itself then there is more to see on the manuafcturer's video here.


  1. So pleased to see that I am not the only one going to bed at night working out solutions to problems that arose during the days work.
    Coming together well Rob. How much longer on the build?

    1. Thanks for your comments. Meetings and bedtime are great places to sit and work out issues! ;) It will most likely be a couple of months before we are finished even though we are on the home run so to speak, Michelle's cancer treatments are going to gobble up time that I could otherwise spend on the motorhome!

  2. Rob is so clever! Your bus will be fantastic when it is finished.


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