Time Out

I am going to be taking some time out. First off, Rob and I are going on a cruise of the South Pacific Islands. We will certainly post about this on our return.

However when we do return we will be thrown happily in the deep end with having our eldest son and his family move in with us for a few months.

This will be a wonderful opportunity to spend some real time with them especially the 2 little grand  daughters who are just 18 months and 3 years old.

Depending on how things go for them, I will be looking after them from early mornings until late dinner time whilst their Mum commutes to Sydney (90+ minutes) and their Dad does fly in/fly out 2 weeks on & off to and from the Northern Territory until he can get a job in Sydney and/or they can find suitable accommodation closer to Holly's work.

I am looking forward to it but I am concerned about whether I can cope with the girls and do the blog some justice. (Just a 5 day holiday at the Gold Coast wore me out!)

So in the manner of life, the blog will just have to take a back seat. Rob will keep on beavering away at the bus conversion as much as possible.

Now it is only for a few months and I should be able to get on  occasionally but whether I have anything significant to write about depends. Maybe you will get alot of grand kiddy stuff! Who knows!

See you soon as life grants the opportunity! Happy travels in the meantime.

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