Easter at Nagambie

Well I can't believe that I am writing this last installment some 9 months after the event. I can offer no excuse other than I just didn't feel inclined to do so once I got back home. There were so many things to catch up on and then bit by bit the rendering of this blog took a back seat, it was always in the deep recesses of my mind however it was easy to put it off 'for another time!'
So now is the time! I am biting the bullet and getting on with the last little bit. it is hard to write so much later. I hope I never leave it this late again but write within days of the event from now on!

Relaxing at Lake Boga
 We planned to be with good friends, K and H near Nagambie for Easter. On the way  across from South Australia, we had noticed intermittent 'noise' int the car.  We stopped at Ouyen for a terrific chips and hamburger there and then camped at Nyah harness Club free campsite. What a great site this is. No wonder it is so popular and it's right on the Murray River too. We stopped at Swan Hill where the mechanics thought it might be the wheel bearings, but the temperature of the bearings did not support this theory. Another mechanic determined that the universal joint needed repairing, luckily we were able to find someone to get to it almost straight away however it still took most of the day and hence we didn't  travel far out of Swan Hill before we decided to camp overnight at Lake Boga. Though overnight camping is generally not allowed, an exception was made for the sailing regatta which was going to be held over the weekend. We had a great time with one of the early arrivals and watched a marvelous moonrise over the lake with a little bonfire going.

Sun is just starting to come up on Easter Morning
The next morning we say goodbye to our new friends and moved on to K and H's place. We noticed the 'noise' was back and thus the problem prior to Swan Hill was not gone. We drove on very slowly to reduce any negative impact on the car. We arrived at K & H's beautiful lakeside home on the weir. After a leisurely sleep in we went and did the interdenominational Stations of the Cross covering several of the Nagambie churches. This is our second one ever, our first Stations of the Cross was back in Roxby Downs, SA back in 2010. Back 'home' we watch a DVD. "One night with the King". A very good presentation of the story of Esther.
On the Saturday we went to the old style village markets at Rushmore as well as we popped into a museum on the farming implements etc of that community which was very interesting. The afternoon was spent enjoying making cards together with H and her sister in law.

Glorious Easter Morn
On Easter Sunday we are up at 4.15am - well before the dawn on a cold and frosty morning to do Dawn service which was a take on the stations of the Cross where we walked up a long hillstopping at intervals to read a passage and sing a chorus. Our friend H lead us by playing the keyboard for us. We arrived at the top to see 3 crosses which had been erected some years earlier for this express purpose. The timing was terrific. We finished within in minutes before the sun rose. It is a marvelous sight to behold and to feel to see the sun rise up behind the crosses. We all breakfasted royally at K & H's church amidst warm fellowship. I was tired (and a bit grumpy) and elected not to go with the guys to the Anzac March at Stanthorpe in the afternoon. K plays in the brass band at local Anzac marches. He is 2nd from the left!

Sadly our short stay concluded on the Monday when we headed off to Junee to Bob's cousin's  for a couple of quiet days to officially conclude our holiday at the same place we started some 13 months earlier.

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  1. May all your holidays be long and happy on the road. It has been great to read about it all. Are you planning any more trips or is this the one and only?


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