Ready Set....Set....Set...

The reclining lounge in the slideout is opposite the dining area
I got the idea of the title of this post from a sermon our senior minister did at the end of January. He was talking about "what you do next is important." He was leading us to think of making the most of our time, each and every one of the 365 days in the year.
To think about where are we going now, this year and even 10 years from now. He pointed out that churches in the western world are in the ready, set...set...set mode, where we train and train and plan but not actually get going. He wants to challenge us to change that trend and get going.

Well that sort of made me think of our life and especially our big trip. We hoped and then planned to travel in the future. We made inquiries of what and how. We decided to make the Robbiebago for the trip. We had to wait for the right time as far as family and the business is concerned, So we made do with smaller excursions and make minor adjustments while we waited for other things to fall into place. We looked up magazines and viewed some travel DVDs. We talked to other travellers.

We made sure the Robbiebago was set up right and the LandCrusier readied. (I don't know much about vehicles but this one has been tuned, tweaked, new tyres added etc, etc in preparation for the big trip). We have bought some extra goodies that will make life easier on the road or just plain fun like some folding bikes, night vision binoculars, an awning etc.

Looking at the Dining area with the slideout open
Now we are just about ready to pack the clothes and the perishables and hit the road. The pantry items, linen, games, the few winter clothes we just might need, and of course my craft stuff is in the Robbiebago already. It is amazing how much we need to take (or rather we think we need to take. LOL) and how much of all this we can actually fit in and still have some room left over.

So now it is not long before we actually can add that last word to the title. Here are a couple more photos of the interior. It will most likely never look this clean again! Our comfy lounge and dining chairs are opposite each other with the kitchen you can see in the background that goes right across the van with the entry behind the little wall you can see behind the dining chair.

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