I fell in love in Chudleigh

Chudleigh is a gem of a place. It is a cute little village and as is quite common is Tasmania, they have some great gardens, in this cases roses, lining the main street as a feature.
Whilst you are in Chudleigh you have a wonderful opportunity to discover the tastes, flavours and textures of fudge, honey, smoked salmon and more.

Silk & Roses Shop


Oh my gosh. I am not so sure that I had ever tasted fudge before, but now that I have, I can never forget my first taste. I think I like it better than chocolate and now I would love to learn how to make it. Does anyone have a really decent fudge recipe using full cream and butter? I know I can google it but would like to start with one that is known and true rather than muck around with inferior recipes. I would love to give it a go!

Other Fudge choices

There is this place called Silk Roses in Chudleigh, Tasmania, that has the most scrumptious silky smooth fudges. They give taste tests. There's an amazing range of flavours to satisfy the taste buds. I bought raspberry chocolate. It is to die for! Try some of these eg What about Rocky Road Fudge or Chai Spice? They also have a wonderful selection of quality silk items and quality vintage looking crafts. My friend bought a never-ending shawl that looks absolutely beautiful on her.

Scrumptious Raspberry Chocolate Fundge
Part of the interior of the Silk & Roses Shop


Along with our friends, Irene and Rob, we also called into the Honey Pot in Chudleigh for some honey tasting. Who knew that there could be some much variety to the flavours and that's just the natural flavours, let alone when they've added this and that to the honey such as red chilli or berries.

Melita Honey Farm Store

And if honey is not for you, there are dozens of by products and cute stuff in the store all relating to honey. What grand kid wouldn't love the bee mittens?

Cute Bee Mittens


41 Degrees South for some smoked salmon tasting. There is so much more to this place, but together with our friends, we were getting mighty tired, trying to fit so much in on one day and our friends still wanted to go to the east coast before heading back to Hobart, their base whilst in Tasmania for a week. We'll have to come back another trip and try out the cafe or take a walk around the farm.

Smoking the salmon


On our second day staying a Cheudleigh we went to the Trowunna Wildlife Park and Tasmanian Devil Research Centre. The guide introduced all of our small group to the local animals (wombat, devils, wallabies, kangaroos) and encouraged us to interact with them.

A sleepy wombat

A Spotted Quoll about to leap

We got to stroke a young devil, then he showed us feeding time for these little carnivores as 5 males split a dead possum between themselves. I loved the Devils and the work they are doing here in breading, helping rehabilitate injured animals and such but I was rather disappointed in the area over all.

A Tasmanian Devil up close and personal
It is rather small and the area is pretty rough going with very little decent pathways, so I wouldn't want to be there in wet weather. It appears to be rather run down. Many of the cages appeared to be empty. Still I was glad we went there as even though I have seen Devils in other zoo type places, never had I been about to pat one or watch them feed!

Feeding time - a whole dead possum

Chudleigh, honey, fudge, salmon and tassie devils: it is such an almost unbeatable combination.

When I got home, I experimented to find the perfect chocolate fudge recipe. You can find it here on my Inkspirational Design blog

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